Bid Results



As Read Bid Results and Bid Tabulation Summary of Recently Bid Projects
City of Jasper, Georgia –Repair and Painting 500,000 Elevated Tank – 05/20/19
Town of Homer, Georgia –Water System Improvements – 05/15/19
City of Danielsville, Georgia –Aeration Equipment – 05/14/19
City of Dahlonega, Georgia –Owens Farm Lift Station Upgrade – 05/02/19
City of McRae-Helena, Georgia –Well House Rehabilitation – 04/25/19
City of Cave Spring, Georgia –Sewerage System Improvements-FY2018 CDBG – 04/23/19
City of Sandersville, Georgia –Sewerage System Improvements- 04/02/19
City of Richland, Georgia –Sewerage System Improvements, Video Inspection- 03/19/19
City of Locust Grove, Georgia –Sewerage System Improvements- 03/12/19
City of Sandersville, Georgia –Water Pollution Control Plant – 03/07/19
City of Sandersville, Georgia –Water System Improvements, Ridge Road and Anderson Drive Water Line – 02/21/19
City of Sandersville, Georgia –Sewerage System Improvements – 02/21/19
City of Sandersville, Georgia –South Water Treatment Plant – 02/21/19