Wastewater System Management

Environmental Engineering – Wastewater System Management

Protecting public waterways and drinking water supplies require dependable wastewater treatment systems. Municipalities, counties, regional authorities and industries are finding it difficult to meet the increasing regulations required in wastewater management. Aging collection systems and treatment facilities make it difficult for even small systems to meet new, more stringent treatment levels and can often result in fines for non-compliance.
Turnipseed Engineers has provided wastewater treatment solutions for almost 30 years. We provide full-scale comprehensive services to provide cost effective solutions that address our clients needs and maintain the health and safety of the public. Our services include planning and design involving;

  • Providing assessments of existing conditions;
  • Preparing action plans for long term, on-going system rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Development of capital improvement plans (CIP) to meet immediate and long-term needs.
  • Design of rehabilitation or replacement of existing sewer pipe, pump stations and force main
  • Design of expansion of existing or construction of new wastewater treatment facilities to provide adequate treatment capacity for new growth and development.
  • Preparation of the Operation and Maintenance Manuals required by EPD.
  • Providing start-up and operational assistance.

We work closely with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and other regulatory agencies to obtain the necessary NPDES permits. Additional engineering studies required by EPD may include the following:

  • Anti-degradation Analysis
  • Design Development Report
  • Environmental Information Document
  • Watershed Monitoring Plan
  • Watershed Assessment
  • Watershed Protection Plan

By providing a comprehensive solution to our client’s wastewater treatment needs the project is streamlined, it keeps the project on track to meet the goals and objectives of the project and saves our clients time and expense