Bill Miller Participates in Andersonville National Historic Site Funeral

September 19, 2015, the Andersonville National Historic Site concluded the 150th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War and closing of the Andersonville Prison with a funeral service for the almost 13,000 prisoners who perished during the Civil War at the prison.  The service included wreath laying ceremony, music and interactive programs throughout the weekend.  Our own Bill Miller, Commander of the Department of Georgia and South Carolina Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, participated in the ceremony .  Mr. Miller’s great-great grandfather, Sergeant Christian Kephart, was a prisoner at Andersonville during the Civil War.  Mr. Miller is a resident inspector and chief surveyor.  The ceremony was shown live on C-SPAN and can be seen on

Below are several pictures of Mr. Miller and the ceremony.

United States Army Color Guard posting Colors


Keynote Speaker Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel Dailey with Mr. Miller


Sergeant Major Dailey delivering his address.


Ceremonial Flag Folding